Subject RE: [IBO] TimeoutProps & CommitAction
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Michael L. Horne [mailto:guardian@...]
> Sent: Martes 27 de Marzo de 2001 19:20
> I think I need a little more information.
> I have a query that displays some info, if the user
> doesn't do anything for a while it appears that the
> query closes by its self.
> I think that this is because of the interaction of
> the TIB_Transaction.TimeoutProps & the
> TIB_Query.CommitAction, such that when the TimeoutProps
> close the transaction the query CommitAction(=caClose)
> closes the Query and the screen goes blank.

I observed the same behavior in IB_WISQL a couple of weeks ago, not sure if
it has been changed.
IMO, the OAT management features by default shouldn't disturb the user. So,
for the user that wants to tackle IBO as a BDE option without fiddling with
400 properties and for the user that wants to create a typical application
without mastering IBO, the OAT management features shouldn't close datasets
while the GUI is being used. Maybe some defaults should be changed to
prevent this closing action?