Subject RE: [IBO] Newbie
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Guillermo Nájar-Arreola [mailto:gnajar@...]
> Sent: Martes 27 de Marzo de 2001 2:00
> Hi,
> I'm new to IB Objects, in the process of digging and learning on it. I was
> happy discovering that there is no need to distinguish dynamic vs static
> fields in IBO; as I read, I can define the field characteristics (display
> format, labels, case, etc) using Query Forms at connection level
> for ALL the
> application, instead of defining it for every IBO query in the
> Data Module.
> The question is, how in an IBO or IB query can I reference to a specific
> Query Form defined at connection level? I see a Query Form as a
> kind of data
> dictionary that I can use in a centralized way and reference it
> by IB or IBO
> Query componentes; am I right?

The thing that appears as QueryForm in IB_WISQL and that's the same editor
for TIB_Query when you double click it, is not a data dictionary. It's the
visual editor for TIB_Query (also, can be invoked for TIBOQuery) and serves
as a developer's tool in IB_WISQL.
If you put information in the TIB_Query properties, all native IBO data
controls connected to such TIB_Query through TIB_Datasets will honor them,
unless you override those properties in the data controls (some of those
properties can be overridden in the TIB_Grid, for example).
If your settings are global, there are a lot of them that you can put at
the TIB_Connection level. So, if you declare that a field named GUILLE is
globally readOnly (putting it in the FieldsReadOnly property of
TIB_Connection), every dataset (TIB_Query) using a field with that name will
make such field ReadOnly, unless you change the setting in the
FieldsReadOnly property of the TIB_Query itself.