Subject RE: [IBO] Dialect 1 or 3?
Author Ronny Bengtsson
How about Dialect 3 and Novell versions of Interbase.
As I have found out there are only IB 5.6 versions to run with Novell.
Can you run dialect 3 on IB 5.6?


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Subject: RE: [IBO] Dialect 1 or 3?

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> If we are creating a new Database, is there any preferred choice between
> Dialect 1 and 3. We are happy not to have spaces and capitalised
> field names
> (e.g. field names in Dialect 1 are fine.) Is there any other reason to
> choose Dialect 1 or 3, e.g. any performance differences?

Did you read the ReleaseNotes.pdf that comes with IB6? It explains most of
the things you ask about dialect 3:
- 64-bit generators.
- Exact numerics storage for numeric/decimal above precision 9.
- Date-only, time-only and timestamp data types.
- Exact arithmetics, beware! It resembles division in C => integer divided
by integer is integer, you will get zero if the divisor is greater than the
dividend and no decimals in other cases; AVG result will have only as many
decimal places as the column where AVG was applied, a sum of fields is
promoted to INT64, etc.
- The arithmetic behavior of procedures depends on whether you compiled them
under dialect 1 or 3.
- Dialect 1's numeric behavior has overflow flaws in comparison to IB5.6;
even in dialect 1 the new reserved words byte you; avoid pitfalls, use
dialect 3.


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