Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction question
Author Harald Klomann
> First, I get syntax error when using Query->Query.Bookmark. It's probably
> your typo

I´m used to programm Delphi Pascal, not very experienced with C-Builder C Syntax :-(

> Second - when I use this:
> DModul->QMQuery->InvalidateBookmark(DModul->QMQuery->Bookmark);
> DModul->QMQuery->Edit();
> I get error "cannot edit current row". Looks like Bookmark is invalid. I
> thought that it get defined automagicaly.

Does your Query include the FOR UPDATE clause, or is Query->RequestLive set to true ?
If your dataset is opend, DModul->QMQuery->Bookmark gives you the current record,
so it should be valid !

Are you using a TIB_Query or a TIB_Cursor ?