Subject Re: [IBO] Re: ib_query ignores my data!
Author Paul Schmidt

Lets look at this logically, probably in 90% of all cases most people
don't care if it gets trimmed or not. In 90% of the remaining cases
you probably want it trimmed, and if the library doesn't do it, you
end up doing it.

How about this, we ask Jason to add a pair of properties to the
Connection, that allow the programmer to select the default action.
One property for CHAR, and one property for VARCHAR. This would in
effect become a global application level setting.

Please Jason, if you read this, leave version 3 the way it is, make
this a 4.0 feature.


On 22 Mar 2001, at 20:53, Aage Johansen wrote:

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Subject: [IBO] Re: ib_query ignores my data!

> Paul Schmidt wrote:
> ...
> I agree with your point, in the case of a VARCHAR it should remove the
> whitespace at the right, by default and in the case of a CHAR field,
> the default should be to return the field without trimming. In both
> cases this should be user modifyable to some other form of trimming.
> ... ---------------------------
> Remember, even a VARCHAR may have trailing (significant) spaces. Any
> trimming should be done only when explcitly asked for - IMnsHO.
> Regards,
> Aage J.
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