Subject Re: [IBO] Big Batch...
> I thought it was the default since it's the value that IB will assume
> when nothing is specified in the tpb.
> What does the BDE do wrong (WRT transaction defaults only, I mean! ;-)),
> except using read committed as the default setting?

You needed to be at the masterclass in Germany, Jason explained it all
very well and I would not attempt to reproduce it.

The simple answer is that BDE does not actually use transactions at all
because it is creating a databse independent view of ALL it's supported
interfaces. Hence the default when converting from BDE is tiConcurrency.

Only IBO gives actual access to the Interbase transactions, and so one
should switch to tiCommitted once ou no longer need BDE compatibility.

I'll leave it up to Jason to fill in the detail!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services