Subject Re: [IBO] AV on datamodul
Author Lucas Franzen
Geoff Worboys schrieb:
> Luc,
> > The main datamodul is the first unit created in the project
> > and it's (old habit) always the first opened unit in the IDE.
> But is its design window open, or only the unit source? Make sure you
> open the design window for the main datamodule and see what happens.
> I dont mean to harp on this, but I know that it makes a difference in
> the problems that I have seen.

Yes, I had it open (I was tyring to find out if setting the
IB_Connection to Connected=TRUE would cause any difference).

> > Any more ideas?
> Not many, designtime problems are always a pain. Is there anyway you
> setup to try cause the problem at runtime? Perhaps setting up your
> main form so that it does not create anything else but the main and
> problem datamodules and then trying to prepare the query. If you can
> cause the problem at runtime we can get a callstack and get some idea
> where the problem is originating.

Fortunatley (for the app; unfortunately for debugging) I never get this
AV at runtime.

What I did now was:
- create a new datamodul
- start copying some queries and paste it there
- Link Datasources to the new datamodul.
Everything works fine so far.

BUT: when I just copy ALL the queries and paste it to the new DM, the AV
occurs again.
Now it seems to be caused by one (or more) IB_Queries, but strange
enough, on the "AV-datamodul" it is caused by any of it....

Thanks for the input