Subject Re: [IBO] Speed question
Author Jason Wharton
> I doubt a normal user is able to read 350.000 rows in a grid. Probably you
> will have a WHERE clause to filter. The difference would be between
> RequestLive being True or False. With True, it maps to the FOR UPDATE
> and then IB sends one record at a time. Without it, IB will try to put
> than one record in a packet. This was an unfortunate decision that
> has to be reverted in the future. A "live" request doesn't have to cause
> this performance hit.

A "live" request only imposes this if you set SearchedEdits to false and you
are using a TIB_Cursor component. Otherwise, IBO actually suppresses the FOR
UPDATE part of the clause when sending the statement to the server.

I'm well aware of the performance hit a FOR UPDATE select imposes where
batching of records is concerned and have taken measures to only include it
when you explicitly change things to demand it. The default settings do not
demand it.

If for any reason you feel it may be leaving it on there use the SQL trace
monitor to see exactly what is being sent to the server.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ