Subject Re: [IBO] IBO todo list
Author Jason Wharton
> > Finish the simple replication module.
> Wow, can you explain it a little bit more ?

I need to have a unidirectional table-level way to maintain certain views of
information in separate databases. My fuzzy text search application and
service already has it so the FTS index is in a separate database. Now is
all I need to do is wrap it up into a generic module so that it is easy to
configure and put into production. I also want to have it do automatic
resynchronizations too.

These are just pieces of work I already have done in specific ways that when
bottled up into separate generic objects could be put to practical use in
other circumstances.

I am also looking into a way to make a generic object store that will be
object oriented in the definition of the business objects and the
interactions and workflow to manage and interact with them. It will have a
highly granular approach to storing the actual information which will
require other replicated "de-normalized" views for more efficient searching
capabilities, not to mention fuzzy and full text searching. This will all be
at the middle tier level so it should be transparent to the client that
things are more spread around as they are. Where I am really scratching my
head here is how to do the client for it.

<really dreaming>
IBO v5 is going to possibly have a non-IB portion for thin clients to pull
this off. But, I am tired of the "table" or "dataset" way of looking at
things and going to be looking more at the "packet" concept. I think that
XML is going to play a role in this quite heavily.

Do you think that there is a need to create some XML-aware access components
and controls? As far as I can see, this is where I am going to have to go
for the next generation of applications I am going to be writing.
</really dreaming>

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ