Subject RE: [IBO] Programmatically change displaywidth
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Geoff Worboys [mailto:geoff@...]
> Sent: Lunes 19 de Marzo de 2001 7:52
> This sounds great except that I think:
> field=WIDTH=nn
> would be better. It would allow the use to be extended later, as has
> happened with the ColumnAttributes and OrderingLinks. For example:
> field=WIDTH=nn;TITLE=cccccc;ALIGN=Centre

There's always a way to start. Can't do more with my limited time for now.
I know the syntax of IndexParamIsSet and IndexParamValue in TIB_StringList
but it required more testing to put other properties in the same bag.
I didn't want to pursue this because I was evaluating to allow minimum
column width specification as an option.

> TIB_StringList has functions already built to handle this type of
> layout, so if you are going to go down this path its better to prepare
> for even further extension in the future.

If you want it before the next weekend, do it yourself. :-) I won't look
into it before saturday if nobody expands it before.