Subject Re: [IBO] IBO CGI does not work on client machine
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Jay -

Using IBO & CGIExpert I have been running an application server -
tested both running on a single machine (Pentium Laptop) and on a dual
machine (workstation/server) behind a firewall for quite some time. I
used the IBO TDataset (TIBOTABLE, TIBOQuery) and the IB_Connection
components (I am just now learning how to use the more advanced stuff)
and have found this to work extremely well. As long as you supply your
user name and password to the IB_Connection - you can do this explicitly
at design time - and explicitly set the loginPrompt := false, you should
have no problems with password prompts.

Have you considered all of the simple issues (the ones I often
overlook) like password case, or spelling?

David Keith

toffy_beans@... wrote:
> I am a freelance middle tier programmer. I normally write application
> using Delphi/ODBC express. I have a client that uses Interbase and
> IBObjects. They want CGI as oppossed to ISAP. I normally do Access or
> Oracle. I got Web CGI working with INTERSOLVE ODBC driver (I'm using
> NT 4.0 SP5, they are using 2000 Pro) but they had problems. I bought
> IBObjects this morning and converted the app to IBO. It works fine on
> my machine. I sent the client the app. He puts it in his
> Inetpub/scripts directory and put the GDB file on his C: root (where
> I hardcoded the path property of the IB_Connection) directory and
> trys to run it. When he does, he gets a dialog box from an
> unidentified source asking for a user name and password.
> User name and password are hard coded in the IB_Connection, prompt
> property is set to no. I'm using IB 5.5, he is using IB 5.6. Anyone
> know what is going on here. It's a long drive to his place. Any help
> would be apprieciated.
> Jay
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David Keith

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