Subject RE: [IBO] How to check if a table exists?
Author Kaputnik
IBO has already queried the system tables for your upon connecting.
In the schema-cache, everything is already contained.

With simpyl accessing TIB_Connection.shcemacahce.tablenames, you will get
what you need.
if you do an conn.schemacache.tablenames.indexof(tablename)>-1 to see, if it
is the database.

Please look up the IBO-help for further information and the many properties,
you've got there.

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> Subject: [IBO] How to check if a table exists?
> How can I check if a table exists? I'm using native IBO. I
> suppose I could
> execute a query to see if it exists in a system table, but I want
> to know if
> there is another easier way.
> Thanks,
> Paul Irwin
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