Subject Re: [IBO] DML Caching Again
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Markus, thanks for Your patience and competence.


> Tony,
> > DML Caching works with TIB_StoredProc??.
> yes, it should work.
> >I have a Stored Procedure wich insert a record in a table A taken
> >from another table B.
> >All works fine, but to see the newly added record in Table A i MUST
> >refresh.
> >I have attempted all the DML Caching feature in various mode, but
> >don't work for me.
> >Any hints?
> You can get this working by creating a DMLCache table in the
> and from there post an event that a change has occured.
> If you have done this, what are your DMLCache triggers in table A ?
> Do you use a TIB_Synccursor ?
> It won't notify you of changes if your TIB_StoredProc's connection
has the
> same USER name as the TIB_Query's connection. You'd have to use my
> creation, the "TIB_SyncEvents" for this :-)) it's pretty much
the same as
> the SyncCursor except it doesn't check the USER name of the DMLCache
> record.
> Just some ideas,
> HTH,
> Markus