Subject RE: [IBO] [OT} ODBC Driver? WAS: Borland releases the certified build...
Author Paul Schmidt

On 18 Mar 2001, at 1:45, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

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Subject: RE: [IBO] [OT} ODBC Driver? WAS: Borland releases the certified build...

> Not the thing you want to know, but XTG has developed a basic ODBC
> driver for IB. Still in its infancy, but it's free and last time I
> checked, it would be open sourced when the code was cleaned.

That is just what I want to hear, it means I don't have to try and
squeeze a project into the loop, is it possible to get a copy of
XTG's driver for testing, and where....

> C.
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> > Well, the only way to combat this, is for some bright light, to
> > develop a free ODBC driver. I know PostgreSQL has a ODBC driver. Is
> > it worth it, to spend the time trying to see if I could try creating
> > a driver, using the PostgreSQL one as a template.
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