Subject Re: [IBO] Preventing a field from being updated
Author Marc Leclerc

To explain better I have written a small app that uses the employee.gdb
sample, Jason is looking into it to see what might be the problem, if you
would like to look at it I will gladly send it to you. To make a long story
short I have a lookupcombo that displays status of a request (Accepted,
rejected, forwarded ...) and if the request is accepted the user may enter
additional information (Details table). The user may want to change (if he
made a mistake) the status of the request but if he does the details must
NOT remain in the ther table. So what I to do in the OnValidate is

Check if the status is NOT accepted and there are Details.
If there are NO details then all Ok, let the status change
If there are details then ask the user to confirm the change and if
confirmed delete details

So when he reject the change I call abort and the status is prevented from
changing (this works) The bobo is that the LookupCombo then shows the wrong
value (the rejected status) even though the actual value has not changed.

Hope this explains better.

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