Subject Re: [IBO] Registration and License
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Yes, you are. The only ones who have to pay are the ones using IBO for
development, and the license is such that you get free updates and have to
pay a yearly (or maybe it was twice a year) fee as long as you continue to
develop with IBO. Your customers only have to pay for IBO if they want the
source code of IBO or intend to use IBO for development themselves.

Jason has made a very nice set of tools and made them available to a very
reasonable price,

At 14:11 16.03.2001 +0100, you wrote:
>After reading the section "Trustware License" and License Text included in
>release of IBObjects, I think I know everything, but just to make sure ..
>Supposing that I have a small Company and hired few developers to create a
>commercial product wich uses IBO.
>I understand that everything that I have to do is register IBObjects for
>each developer I hired and then I can start selling my product. I understand
>that I don't have to pay registration fee for anyone who buys my product
> ( which uses IBO and is not competitive to IBO).
>Am I correct ?
> Regis