Subject Re: [IBO] Searching question
Author Yagi

> What happens when you put the following FieldsDisplayLabel...
> STANOWISKA.NUMER=Stanowiska Numer
> KARNETY.NUMER=Karnety Numer
> KLIENCI.NUMER=Klienci Numer

I set DisplayLabel during editing TIB_Query properties so i'm on
FieldProperties tabsheet and put some properties for STANOWISKA.NUMER. Next
i want to set properties on KARNETY.NUMER. Click on KARNETY.NUMER and there
are the same properties as I set for STANOWISKA.NUMER. The same is with
KLIENCI.NUMER. Whatever field i change all fields get the same properties.

To be honest i use TfrmQuery in my application to make some reports for user
so i don't try to do this in source code.

> (or whatever, my language skills are too poor to do better than this
> for an example :-)

It's Polish, very complicated language :-)