Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOTable ???
Author Norbert Alvin A. Rutaquio
> > > You can kid of do this by using cached updates and simply insert in a bunch
> > > of records and never actually apply them to the server.
> > > > NOTE: I have never tried this before and am not sure how it will work for
> > > > you.

> This is the one we could all do with - especially if it can be
> persistant, but other things probably come first!

how can i do this? for example i have a IB_Query and IB_Grid and it is linked to
IB_Datasource then
IB_Query and IBOTable is connected to IB_Connection. what i want to do is to read a
textfile and (for example SURNAME) display it all in the IB_Grid and the temporary
table will be deleted in OnClose event.