Subject Re: RE:Jason, [IBO] Speed question
Author Jason Wharton

> My users interact with the data like discribed below. All
> IB_Queries (not even one IBoTable), to retrieve data and to insert data,
> connected to data controls. I hope this is good ?

Well, it doesn't give me any more information to go on. If your queries are
set and not dynamic (meaning the user is given choices of search criteria)
then you can always make sure they are going to perform well. If they are
given the ability to do dynamic queries they will eventually learn which
searches are slow and which are fast.

> And what do you mean with "to increase the horsepower" of your server ?

Well, there are many things that affect server performance. Better quality
hard disks, using an array for performance, better hardware like caching
controllers, faster CPU's, more memory, and so on.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ