Subject Re: [IBO] IBO Under Kylix
Author Dalton Calford
I agree with you Jim,

Linux has alot going for it, I have a Xwindows session linked into a
machine in ottawa(I am in Toronto) while running NT4 in a window, doing
web testing to another linux running in another window (thank you
vmware). I am using wine to run IBOWsql under linux, and I am swapping
between multiple telnet/monitor sessions that are all on separite tty
Right now, It is 2 in the morning and I am fighting a mosix
compile/messaging problem for running IB classic on a beowulf cluster.
I am hooked. hook line and sinker. I sat down infront of a NT2000 box
and was disgusted at the lack of control and the overall slow speed for
doing basic tasks.

that all said, I can still remember the learning curve, and I will say,
it does get easier, in time.....


best regards


Jim Harlindong wrote:
> Jason,
> Once you are hooked to Linux... there's no turning back!!
> Having said so, I am still on the same boat as you :)
> > To be downright frank, I'm not really enjoying LINUX that much.
> I enjoy many things about linux etc and sometimes getting back to Windows I
> wish there's a comparable feature. One example is the ability to "su" to
> root. In Windows you gotta log out close all programs, log in as
> administrator... do the stuff, log back out again..
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