Subject RE: [IBO] Is TIBOTable Good?
Author Jim Harlindong

Thanks for the help.

> >I am just wondering, is using TIBOTable completely (not bothering with
> >IB_Query) a good thing / optimized?
> The answer is that using table components as the general rule in
> client/server is NOT a good thing. That said, TIBOTable is just
> about as optimized as you can get. Jason has some further
> enhancements to it coming up in IBO 4 (now in beta).

Will it be OK to use TIBOQuery ? Will this be an acceptable way and not bad
in c/s ?

> Well, compatibility with the TDatasource-using controls is the
> common reason for using the TIBO* components. Why do you believe
> you need a table component for compatibility with the standard grid?

What component should I use then?

Thanks for the help I am very very new to IBO after being frustrated with
IBX and FIBPlus(this component is a total joke)