Subject Re: [IBO] Date issue ( again )
Author Andy Samuel
Thank's for the reply.

I've made a mistake in my previous email, it's not IB_Query but TIBOQuery
for use with QuickReport.
Funny how I've tried both using the <= and >= and also with the BETWEEN
clause on IB_Query and TIBOQuery and the grids shows some records ! That
means it works !
The question was arise since I only change the SQL from 'SELECT * FROM
SalesCall' to 'SELECT * FROM SalesCall WHERE ......' and putting some
variable initialization, and the report doesn't work anymore.
I will check my coding again since I still don't know that cause the

Warm regards

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Date issue ( again )

> Try
> IB_Query.SQL := 'SELECT * FROM SalesCall WHERE SCDate BETWEEN :dSCFrom
> Your original solution ought to work, but I guess IB has some problems
> there being no spaces between >= and : I think using between is more
> readable, and I hope (though haven't checked) it can improve the plan IB
> chooses.
> HTH,
> Set
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