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Yes, I tought about that too, but the "process" button is not an option to


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>> Hi everybody !

pucb> To avoid deadlocks I use the concept of "Processed Invoce", that is
pucb> when the user is typing it I maintain an AutoCommit ReadCommited
pucb> transaction, when he presses the "Process" button I start a
pucb> transaction , update stock , and change status to "Processed".

pucb> If the user wants to change a processed invoice I turn cached updates
pucb> on and when he presses the Apply button I update stock inside a
pucb> transaction.

pucb> The good thing with this approach is when the invoice is been typed
pucb> Interbase is validating things for me, and I get no deadlock, and the
pucb> ability to type an purchase invoce go to lanch and finish it later,
pucb> is very good, specially when you're calculating products costs
pucb> automatically, considering taxes (whe have many in Brazil).

pucb> Hope this helps,

pucb> Geraldo Lopes de Souza

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