Subject Re: [IBO] Record not located to update
Author Rohit Gupta
After discussions some months ago, I had set KeylinksAutodefine to true and
was relying on that. However, just to prove it, in a one of the appelets I
have set the keylinks explicitly and each table has got a unique field and
an index that is unique.... which the indexname is set to.

I am getting classic symptoms of wild pointer or uninitialised variables.

1. It runs fine on some machines, but not others

2. ON tracing with the IDE Debugger, things always work, whereas a few
seconds earlier, standalone they were not.

3. You open the database (and close it) with some other app (such as
ibconsole or quickdesk - no changes) and the appelet starts to fail. You do
it again, it starts working.

4. WHen it is working it will work for hours. When it starts to fail on a
particular table (not the same one every time) - it will consistently fail
on that table.

Nothing makes sense to me except a serious bug in INterbase or
uninitialised variable in IBO. But proving it is almost impossible as it
works when debugging.

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Sent: Wednesday, 7 March 2001 23:49
Subject: Re: [IBO] Record not located to update

> > I keep getting the error "Record not located to update"
> > when using ibotable.
> This error is reported when the result of an update process reports
> zero (0) records affected. Generally this means that the keylinks are
> incorrect. Apparently IBO was unable to determine the appropriate
> keylinks for your SQL (or you provided incorrect keylinks) and so it
> was unable to locate the record to update it.
> Check that the table you are using does actually have a primary key,
> if not you will have to explicitly define a unique field
> (combination).
> If you cannot work out what is wrong, post more detail.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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