Subject RE: [IBO] IB Connection
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
You are attempting too much steps at a time. Sincerely.
Begin downloading the beta documentation for IB and read at least Operations
Guide and Language Reference. Then you might want to continue reading about
proper usage of Delphi for general programming. (Not necessarily for db
programming, since examples seem to be focused on desktop databases, not C/S
Pedantic? No. If you tackle one thing at a time, you won't lose time later
fixing basic mistakes you could have avoided if you had learning a few about
Delphi and Interbase in advance.
Even when this list answers some issues with IB, there're general IB help
lists available, just to keep the noise low here. Just in case the IB
manuals don't clarify enough for you.


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> Sent: Martes 6 de Marzo de 2001 21:20
> Hello One and All,
> I am new to Delphi, Interbase and IBObjects though I am not new to
> programming or dbs. I have downloaded the evaluation of IBObjects and am
> attempting to get a feel for the tools and processes. However, I
> am having
> difficulty just getting started.