Subject Re: [IBO] IBO vs. BCB4 Data Components
Author Paul Schmidt

Usually you use IBOTable for existing applications being converted to
IBO, and use IB_Query for new applications and new forms for existing
applications. IB_Query is more efficient, but it means replacing
all of the controls, with the IBO versions of the controls, and some
things like grids work very differently. This is because the Table
based controls were designed for Paradox and dBase databases, and IBO
controls are designed for Client/Server databases. However if you
have 30 forms with 500 data aware controls, you don't want to be
reworking all of those.



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Subject: [IBO] IBO vs. BCB4 Data Components

> I am trying out IBObjects for the first time and need some basic
> information.
> Is using IBOTable and IBOGrid with DBGrid and other data controls as
> efficient as using IB_Query with other IBObjects?

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