Subject Re: AW: [IBO] View, filter or ... ?
Author Cristian Ivan
Hello Christian,

CK> select x,y,z
CK> from yourtable,
CK> user_settings
CK> where yourtable.year = user_settings.year
CK> and yourtable.month = user_settings.month
CK> and user_settings.userid = :userid

CK> this way you only need to supply one param.
yes, but this means that I'd need a table cu users. I don't really
need authentification for my users and so...I don't need something like
the session-id in web programming. This is becoming also too
complicated, and supplying two param (ie. month and year) seems a lot
easier, without using another table.

I'm just wondering if there is another way I could avoid complications
like table with users login, views, filters. I was thinking about something like
a "connection filter" :) (because for example many tables are using
"month, years" fields.... and for each of them I'm now using a view,
btw the whole program is a payroll system - maybe if you know this you
can imagine that almost every row of data must have some month,year

What If I'd have some connection filter in the connection:

some "filterlinks" :)
with data like "< table name> ::= < filter >" .

I don't know if it's a practical solution in general, but for my
situation it seems like it could be :)

Best regards,
Cristian mailto:cris@...