Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_SpinEditEnh OnChange event
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Geoff Worboys [mailto:geoff@...]
> Sent: Viernes 2 de Marzo de 2001 6:05
> > I have a question regarding the TIB_SpinEditEnh. It seem that
> > in the new vesions of IBO > 3.C that the TIB_SpinEditEnh fires
> > a Change event when it is created.
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> > Is it correct to do so or is it a bug ?

It's the unexpected income from a modification... I had to use Assigned to
protect code in IB_WISQL that relies on such event.

> I have been testing a work around for this problem - in which I delay
> the initialisation of the controls Value property until Loading has
> finished. If you like to test out this change let me know and I will
> email the update to you directly.

Geofft, this solution will only delay firing of the event but won't stop
it. I think that components whose values are generated from the DFM don't
call OnChange or an equivalent event. Would it work with a cheap solution? I
mean assigning the OnChange property's value to a temp, then using "try",
disabling the event, doing the value assignment and restoring the OnChange's
value in the "finally" part?