Subject Re: [IBO] Component enhancement: IB_Currency component?
Author Marco Lauria
At 18.38 01/03/2001 -0000, you wrote:
>Hi, I would like to improve IBO components creating a
>IB_Currency component that is like IB_Date, but specialized in money
>data entry.
It's really interesting
>It will be similar of RxLib one, having a "format while typing"
>behaviour and a drop down calculator. In addition it could have some
>"conversion" facility to convert from one currency to another (it
>will help European Euro transition)
Sure, but also if u add a conversion table you can directly allow exchange
>a) What are the necessary steps for that? I mean, will I do what I
>want and upload the finisced (or, almost finisced) component, of
>usually there are beta release and people from this list
>for bug/suggestions/patch?
You have to derive it from TIB_Edit or TIB_EditEhn
then you have to modify the validation routines
and the events for both keyboard and mouse
I can debug it with you.
>b) do you agree that it would be a nice and usefull component?
Yes I agree
>c) What about the name IB_Currency? Suggestions?
IB_EditCurrency is better I think....