Subject TIB_Event Alerter Problem and Application Exit
Author Chris Hulsey

I am experiencing a strange problem with the TIB_Event control for
Interbase. I'm building an application using Borland C++ Builder 5.0 and
IBO components to access an IB Server 6.0. I'm using an Event Alerter to be
aware of the modifications made by other users, so that I can refresh a view
screen that outputs data on a grid. My application actually register's the
TIB_Event control successfully and the OnEventAlert executes correctly when
the event is posted on the server using POST_EVENT "eventname" from within a
TRIGGER or STORED PROCEDURE. But, every now and then when I try to exit
my application it does not completely exit and is still running according to
the Borland IDE. At this point I have to do a Program Reset from the
Borland IDE, then I cannot connect to my Interbase Server anymore even from
another station until I actually shutdown the Interbase Server Program and
Restart the Interbase Server Program from the Interbase Manager program. I
thought it might be that I have not UnregisterEvent before exit, but I put
this in and I still get this random problem.

I am connecting with a TIB_Database control to a remote server via TCPIP and
the TIB_Event control points to this connection via the IB_Connection

I installed Interbase Client 6.0 on my client machine with the latest
(gds32.dll) and this still happens.

My Configuration is as follows:

Client Station
Pentium III 800 Mhz - 256MB Ram
Windows 2000 Professional
Borland C++ Builder Enterprise 5.0
Interbase Client 6.0

Server Station
Pentium III 800 Mhz - 512MB Ram
Windows 2000 Server
Interbase Server 6.0

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance,

Chris Hulsey