Subject RE: [IBO] YahooGroups terms
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Daniel Rail [mailto:drail@...]
> Sent: Martes 27 de Febrero de 2001 17:25
> I'm registered with other YahooGroups that have about the same amount of
> e-mails as this group and this line is showing on the bottom of
> the e-mails
> as well. After reading the terms, if I did understand it
> correctly, there
> is a possibility that they could limit the amount of e-mails or
> even delete
> old ones, if the need for space is required. This can be
> hazardous if they
> do this. If it's possible to find another e-mail group server
> that doesn't
> cost nothing and doesn't have this kind of "possible" restrictions, it
> would be even better and we would know that all e-mails are still there.
> It's still up to you to decide on what you want to do.

When onelist was the company, they advertised an almost unlimited email
storage capacity. Later, they merged with egroups and nothing terrible bad
However, one has to realize that keeping all those lists demands a lot of
HW, support and maintenance. So probably the big fish (Yahoo) ate the small
fish because they have more muscle ($$$).
I would not be surprised if in the crazy attempt to provide a yahoo-like
look and feel to the emailing lists they break something or limit the amount
of past emails that they keep. I say this because my experience with the IB
webRing has been awfully surprising... Yahoo broke the webRing several times
or made the administration much harder since they took control. When
webRing_Org was an independent company, the IB webRing worked smoothly.