Subject Re: Autolabel bug or bad behaviour
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> AFAICT there is nothing wrong with the Margin behaviour. The
> does what it is intended to do; It controls the top starting
> of an albLeft label, and the left starting position of an albTop
> label. I chose the name "Margin" for the behaviour because the
> should normally reflect the margin of the control itself - so that
> label with align with the control text.

Correct, I know that your property could have been "inverted" or just
work fine but have a "inverted" meaning (regarding what are my needs).
So the latter is the truth, ok.

> It seems to me that you are looking for a different property - one
> that will control the spacing between the label and the control. I
> not entirely convinced that this is necessary. It is already
> to gain limited control over the spacing using the Suffix property.
> Why have two properties when one will suffice?
> Perhaps one reason for the additional property is to control the
> spacing between an albTop label and the control - although in that
> situation RelativePosition will achieve the desired result.

Ok, my starting point is: *none* needs to move vertically a left
laber, nor move orizontally a top label (none except 1%). I do belive
that we need a clear, easy way to setup the "margin" left between the
label and the control. So using Suffix and RelativePosition are not
like having a simple, clear "margin" property that does what we expetc
it to do. Of course, I can be wrong! There should be more people
telling us what they think...
I think that if you wanto to merge my and your vision, the suggestion
from Leonardo Quijano should be ok:
> Leonardo Quijano wrote:
Count me in one of the 99% who thinks its kinda weird the way
margin property is managed. So, for everybody to be happy, why
not VertMargin and HorzMargin?
(I suggest MarginVert and MarginHoriz naming, so they are near on the
object isnpector page)
Ok, it's an added property, but this way the property behaviour is
simple and clear from it's name, and you can really position the label
with property of a common, easy to understand, name (Margin...).
The Suffix/RelativePosition pair is not as good (one is string, the
other is integer, and it's a sort of trick, not a straight solution)
I'm insisting so much just because once a property behaviour is widely
used, correction can be impossible due to application code breaks. So
this is the only chance we have... I'm sure you understand and excuse
me :)
Marco Menardi

> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing