Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Quick Report
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Claudio,

"Claudio Valderrama C." wrote:
> Frank, I have a full license to QR Pro. It's all I need for my needs. Since
> the code is not public domain, I won't comment on details...

(i own one too) and yes i was in a bit of trouble here... but cmon, its just
one procedure ;-) and not even a good one... and this mail wasn't meeant to be
sent to the public anway, mistake on my part (happy i know more about delphi
and ib than what i understand of all this mail stuff!)

> only I will say
> that this is just another commercial product where the quality of code is
> amateurish in some places.

100% agreed - i only use it since our app's printing demands are rather
limited (just some labels, almost no reports) and therefore i like qr
because its very small - and i can do it all in the IDE.

> Personally, if QR doesn't meet my needs in the future, I will switch to
> anything more powerful but not Rbuilder, since I don't need such 800lb
> gorilla that eats the small memory of some of my clients and due to that
> fact it runs slightly faster than a snail.

i planned to test RBuilder - but that doesn't sound very inviting...

> I'm not saying that QR is good. Even the professional version has one of
> worst documentation I've ever read and they never go out with the new
> promised help file. The workaround file is bigger than the help file. :-)
> But I don't need ultra-advanced features, it uses moderately low memory
> amounts and I haven't reached the level where one starts to see only AVs.

agree again - the most important thing imho when using qr is that you know
roughly what you should *not* do :-) then you can live with it...

> C.