Subject RE: [IBO] import outlook messages into gdb
Author Marius Popa
i fineshed some alpha (web) interface for the ibolist.gdb
writen both in perl and ibo(via com)+asp
basicly you search the subject you need like:"lookupcombo"
and the output is a list of subjects that meet the search string
clik one subject and the blob could be seen into your browser
for the moment i don't have big outlook files but
i want to have the tool in the future to fill the db ....
this is for fun of course ...

At 18:47 23.02.2001 +0100, you wrote:
>If you send me the pst-files (my mailbox can handle up to 50mb)
>I will do that for you, as I have the datapumping and exporting already set
>up and saved.