Subject Re: [IBO] Prepare Question
Author Claus J. Pedersen
That is wrong.

As of IBO version > 3.4B you can't use TIB_DSQL to do singleton selects.
There will be the infamous SQLDA error when if you execute the DSQL more than one time and
you are doing it via a remote connection.

I have sent Jason a sample that demonstrates this behavior, and the response was, that it was the
same Interbase error as with the stored procedure which returns data, that is giving this error.

Sadly i have 2 applications, with together about 100.000 lines of code, where i will have to
find and replace all my "fast" DSQL's with Cursor's :-(, meanwhile i am stuck at IBO 3.4B.

Claus J. Pedersen

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Prepare Question

> At 08:44 AM 02/23/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >Isn't there a bug associated with SELECTs in DSQLs? Wouldn't it be
> >neccessary to rather use TIB_Cursor (or UnPrepare/Prepare between each time
> >you call your TIB_DSQL)?
> You are probably thinking of the bug in InterBase with respect to serial
> calls to a stored procedure which returns data. The prepare/unprepare
> tactic is a way to avoid that problem. There is NO BUG in TIB_DSQL related
> to this (or related to anything else, I dare say).
> Dennis McFall
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