Subject RE: [IBO] Prepare Question
Author Michael L. Horne

If you don't have to actually do some work on the data for
your calculated field you may be able to use a singleton
select to get your field,

select a.bd_id, a.bd_part, a.bd_qty,
(select b.BM_Descr from BatchM b
where (a.bd_bm_id = b.BM_ID)) as BM_Descr
from BatchD a
where a.bd_bm_id = 8791

Or you might be able to get it with a "Left Join"

Good Luck
Michael L. Horne

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> Subject: [IBO] Prepare Question
> Hi,
> I have a Query Component with a calculated Field. It fills this field by
> calling a DSQL component, passing a parameter which creates a
> select with 1 result.
> Now since OnCalcfields can be called at any time what are the adverse
> effects of calling prepare when my datamodule is create (at
> program start)
> and unpreparing when it is closed (at program end).
> I would guess it ties up the OAT and a bit of server resources.
> If this is rather bad practice is there a way to find out which
> is the last
> OnCalcfields of a bunch being called?
> (First is rather easy)
> If not I'll find a workaround but otherwise if anyone already has a
> solution for this I'd be grateful to hear about it.
> Regards and TIA,
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> --Chris
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