Subject RE: [IBO] Files - downloading problems.
Author Kaputnik
many things are broken since yabadabadoo took over egroups.
The sponsors for groups, which had payd for the sponsors to disappear are
back again there, text-delivery doesn't work, and the files-section won't do
anymore, too.

If it comes to pure webspace, I could provide an FTP-server with high
bandwidth (100mb/s direct backbone-connection) and anonymous login to store
the communities files on them and only links on the groups page.

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> >Hi list,
> >I'm Paolo.
> >I've got problems dowloading from file's page. Any zip archive
> >results empty.
> >Anyone can help me?
> Confirmed - this is a problem. It seems now that Yahoogroups
> terminates downloads when it reaches 1 Meg, regardless of the
> size of the file. The same problem has been reported for other
> Yahoogroups Files archives. I'm trying to find out...
> Helen
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