Subject Re: [IBO] Migration to new EnhComponents: TComboBoxEnh not found
Author Dietrich Schulten
"Geoff Worboys" <geoff@...> schrieb:

> > after migration from 3_6_B to 3_6_Cf one of my forms could
> > not be recreated, C++ Builder 4 complains it can't find a
> > TComboBoxEnh on the form and asks me to ignore it. If I
> > admit that, an IB_ComboBoxEnh is removed from the form.
> > I can easily recreate a new one but I'd like to
> > keep the settings and the event code I had in place.
> >
> > What has happened between the two versions?
> > How should I proceed?

> Download the latest version of EnhComponents and see if that helps.

I'm using the version dated 1/21/01. During the migration I removed the
IBO and EnhComponents Package from C++ Builder, then I compiled and
installed ibo_c4.bpk, finally I created a new package for the new
EnhComponents, told it to require ibo_c4.bpi and installed it.
I also received a few warnings about visibility.

Did you rename something? I have a TComboBoxEnh on that form, but when I
drop a new one, it is a TIB_ComboBoxEnh.
Just renaming TComboBoxEnh to TIB_ComboBoxEnh in the form's headerfile
didn't help either.

Any ideas?