Subject Re: [IBO] about external functions
Author Geoff Worboys
I strongly suggest you look at the FreeUDFLib. A recently updated
version available from:

It is written in Pascal and so should you provide you much assistance.


As Frank already questioned - DO NOT use FREE_IT with Integer or other
variables that are returned on the stack (as your function does). Use
"BY VALUE". FREE_IT is for use with strings for which space has been
allocated via the special functions provided in IB6. If you are using
earlier IB I suggest reading some of the articles around on the
Interbase sites about how to allocate memory so that FREE_IT can be

In IB6 put the DLL in the UDF directory in the server Interbase

In IB5 put the DLL in the Interbase BIN directory or the
Windows\System32 directory.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing