Subject Re: [IBO] about external functions
Author Helen Borrie
Yes, it is off-topic for this list...but

1. put the library in the ..\bin directory of your server installation
2. omit ".dll" from the module name.


At 10:26 PM 19-02-01 +0100, you wrote:
>maybe i have to post this message to or smth, but
>i have declared my dll, like this:
>library datasync;
>uses SysUtils, Classes;
>function Test(a: Integer): Integer; stdcall;
> Result := a * 2;
>exports Test;
>then copied that dll to winnt\system32, then declared external procedure
>like this:
>ENTRY_POINT 'test' MODULE_NAME 'datasync.dll';
>and when i want to use it, ib raises error "Invalid request BLR at offset
>60; function TEST is not defined; module name or entrypoint could not be
>i tried to copy dll to other locations, but result is the same....
>can anybody help?
>Thank you,

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