Subject Re: [IBO] interbase udflib vice mer udflib
Author Marius Popa
maybe they are not so pro but
i still test the ibeXpert ,still the best tool around
for debuging ,shure there are a lots of bugs
but not like in ibKonsole ...

>You are right there Helen. Now, it works for me the way I need it. :)
>Try as an exercise to debug your procedure in 'IBExpert' and you will
>get stuck.
>The "IBExpert's" after all do not seem to be as much experts as they
>would like to be. At least they should not attempt to charge
>professional licensing fees for an immature product!
>Even worse. They better let go of the very alienating idea to force the
>user to have software bound to a particular machine! In a large
>corporate machines change and/or move but not necessarily the person(s)
>that still do(es) the same job. Database design that is.
>I am trailing 'IBExpert' since a few days. It's an interesting tool yet
>it still has miles to go.