Subject Re: [IBO] interbase udflib vice mer udflib
Author Jay
Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 04:30 PM 18-02-01 +1300, you wrote:
> >The reason why I had a look at mer's udflib is I need a 'diffdate'
> which
> >I did not find so far elsewhere. I need the number of days between
> any
> >two dates as in 'diffdate = abs(date1 - date2)';
> You don't need a UDF for this - you can do it in DSQL with SQL
> arithmetic and the shipped abs() UDF:
> select <fieldlist>, abs(date1 - date2) as diffdate from aTable
> This returns a double which is in days.

Thank you for the hint, but I need it in a stored procedure. Just tried
it with 'IBConsole' and it appears to work, but the confusing part came
from ???'IBExpert 1.0.068'??? and its stored procedure debugging tool,
which obviously is slightly flawed.