Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Transaction.Pause
> I am willing to consider comments/suggestions in this regard. I dont
> who (if anyone) else is using Pause processing. Jason has done a lot
> of work since this was coded, to reduce the need for explicit
> developer actions. If anyone else is using Pause and has an opinion
> in this matter, I would welcome the additional comments.

I don't want, that Pause(true) commits a transaction, when a dataset is in
edit-modus. So it is good as it is, I just asked, because it doesn't behave
as in the OH described.
I'm just thinking over, if I should use the Pause-method. For example 30
user work with the app and every app has 10 transaction open.
1) I use the TimeoutProps and every 60 sec for example will the transactions
be commited. So there is no problem concerning the OAT, but nevertheless
there are 300 transactions at the same time open. I don't know, is this a
lot or not ?
2) I use the Pause-method, so that there are max 2 transactions running per
app, but I have to manage the pause and resume for myself, that could be a
lot of work.

What do you think ?