Subject RE: [IBO] updatable views and 3.6Cc
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Rob Schuff [mailto:robertsc@...]
> Sent: MiƩrcoles 14 de Febrero de 2001 11:27
> In the view I'm joining two tables that have a 1-1 relationship
> (people and
> users). Of course the view itself doesn't have a PK, but
> inherits one fron
> the underlying table. There is no reason to rely on db_key here.

Do both PK fields (from both tables) appear in the VIEW or only one of them
is included in the SELECT part of the VIEW definition?

> > You will make the dataset updatable if you place explicit updateSQL
> > statements in the EditSQL, InsertSQL and DeleteSQL properties - use the
> > statements that worked with your trigger tests, using parameters. It is
> > not even necessary to set RequestLive to true in this case.
> IBO will pick
> > up the appropriate values from the Fields[] array to plug into the
> > updateSQL. Your updateSQL should not include the primary key columns of
> > the underlying tables unless you are fetching these values into the
> > parameters yourself with the Gen_ID() function before the Post event
> occurs.
> >
> I ended up just setting the keylink, and leaving the keyrelation property
> blank **and** left keylinks autodefine set to true. left all
> update insert
> delete code in the triggers. seems to work fine, but I'm still
> not clear on
> why setting the keyrelation should keep this scenario from working.

Let keyLink in autodefine mode, then bring the IB_Query editor and prepare
the dataset. What are the reported Keylinks? Same as the setting you were
specifying by hand or not? If they are exactly the same, then this seems
like a subtle bug.