Subject Re: ReportBuilder DataLinking
Geoff and others,
> Do you have any idea what is missing? What happens when you try to
> use the facility? If you get an error can you supply the details.
> Perhaps myself, or someone else on this list, can help workout what
> changes are required.

OK, I have compared and updated the IBO daIBO.pas to contain all
changes which are made in the RB daIBO.pas file. But the linking
still doesn't work:
1. The data preview won't show up when the button is pressed
2. Reports which contain dataview linking go to infinite

While I was comparing the two files, I recognized that the changes in
RB daIBO.pas file doesn't have anything to do with linking so that
the error must be in the additional stuff(transaction, ...). So can
anyone who is familiar with that changes take a look what's going on.

Tilo Muetze