Subject RE: [IBO] Interbase Security
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Wayne@... [mailto:Wayne@...]
> Sent: MiƩrcoles 14 de Febrero de 2001 17:00
> I have create an Interbase database in ibconsole using the standard
> SYSDBA login.

I did the same last time with v328, I haven't tried with v333. No problems.
I know IBConsole is a can of worms, but I can't believe it has gotten this
bug. BTW, Jeff is the third man trying to fix it, with some help now from
other people.

> I have create an additional user named Wayne.
> Using Wayne I can log onto the server but not onto my new database. I
> have granted user WAYNE ALL privelages on one or two tables however
> when I try to connect to the database using Waune I get an error
> message saying Datebase C:\XYZ.gdb shutdown.
> Using SYSDBA this is not a problem.

It seems like you accidentally took your database in single-user mode,
where only sysdba can log in. Activate the db (log in as sysdba), right
click it in the left pane and select, from the context menu,
Maintenance|Database Restart
then log off and reconnect as Wayne. Was this the problem?
In the future, please take IBConsole issues to the specific Borland
newsgroup for IBConsole, where Jeff himself can help you.