Subject Re: [IBO] Date format issue
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
I never knew. In Norway (please don't accuse me of being a US citizen), we
tend to use (or dd/mm-yy in handwriting, but I've never
handwritten anything in IB ;o) and it works fine with StrToDate. I guess it
doesn't like American separators combined with a sensible order of things.

I've experienced date problems with Paradox, but believed Delphi to be
better at date handling than I now assume it is.


At 20:16 14.02.2001 +1100, Helen surprised me and wrote:
>Delphi, along with Paradox and DBase, too, when Borland had it, is really
mean about date formats. StrToDate works only on the US mm/dd/yy format so
if one lives in the International community, one has to do all sorts of
weird stuff with DecodeDate and EncodeDate to actually have your Delphi app
recognise and convert other formats properly.