Subject Re: [IBO] AllowCheckOAT
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
if you display 100 000 (or 18 000) rows in a grid, I'd recommend that you
redesign your application to Client/Server rather than Desktop mindset.
Only grab records of interests, not entire tables (most users will have
problems benefitting from more than 100 records). Ask the user what he
wants, and then query for a small result set.


At 01:21 14.02.2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Let's see, if I get it:
>A dataset with 100.000 rows will be opened and displayed in Grid, so 30 rows
>were fetched. After 30 sec IBO tries to end the transaction, but fails.
After 60
>sec IBO tries again and fails and so on. After 300 sec IBO sees, that not all
>rows were fetched and it tries to fetch up to 15.000 rows in a half second
>(AttemptTicks=500). After 5 sec IBO fetches again 15.000 rows and so on,
>all rows were fetched and when the CheckOAT fires next time, the transaction
>will be ended.
>I hope, I described it the right way.
>At least, one thing is not clear to me. With the TimeoutProps, all
datasets will
>fetch all rows regardless wether their CommitAction is caFetchAll or not.
>is a great waste of memory, because a user normally sees only up to 100
rows at
>one time and not like my example 100.000. The only way around I see, is
not to
>use the TimeoutProps or is there another ?