Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Interbase client newbie question
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:51 AM 13-02-01 +0000, you wrote:
>I have run the install and the client appears to have been installed
>I have another problam - and it is purely to do with the fact that I
>am somewhat new to Interbase.
>How do I refer to my database in the connect string.
>I have IB6 running on an NT4/WS box. I have a couple of W98 clients
>on a TCP network.
>Could someone point me in the direction of any docs etc on how to
>access the .gdb file installed on the NT box from the W98 clients.

The Networking chapter of the Ops Manual has the instructions.

>Any help would be appreciated. I have run the network diagnostics
>from ibconsole and I appear to be able to connect to the database
>across the network - but in my app I must be formatting the connect
>string/database path incorrectly.

You need to know the network (IP) address of the server, e.g. or some other IP address that has been set up by you network admin.

On the Win98 clients, you need an entry in the HOSTS file for the server. Search /windows/system32 (or thereabouts) for HOSTS. If you don't have a HOSTS file, copy HOSTS.SAM and rename it HOSTS. Don't move HOSTS to a different folder.

You need a name for the host - IB doesn't like to connect to an IP address, even though it can under some circumstances. If your NTWS doesn't have a server name, just make one up, e.g. OURSERVER.

Type a line inside your HOSTS file as follows (assuming the examples I used here): OURSERVER # Host for IB Server

Save the changes.

Now, your IB client will be able to connect. Make sure the client has the TCP/IP prototcol at the top of your Windows Networking protocol list.

The full connect string is exactly as follows (don't omit any backslashes):


of course substituting the physical path of the gdb file on the server machine. YOU CANNOT USE MAPPED DRIVES. It must be the actual physical path.

When setting up an IB_Connection, you would chose tcp-ip for Protocol property, enter OURSERVER in the Server property and c:\path1\path2\OurDB.gdb in the Path property.



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> > It has an option for client install which makes starting easier.
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> > ( I prefer the Firebird Binaries, but if you have no IB5 databases
> > either will do )
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