Subject Re: Newbie Performance Question
Thanks for the responses and the suggestions,

I replaced all of the TQueries with IBO Queries in the hope that I'd
get a quick performance boost and an increase in stability (which I
forgot to mention last time). For the most part, the queries have
been optimised and the application's performance under the BDE is not
bad, but not great.

We get a lot of slow-downs and disconnections, which I attribute to
something BDE-related as the server is rarely anywhere near 100%
utilisation, whereas the clients are usually under fairly heavy load.

(It could also be a network problem, as the network has a weird
arrangement where there are lots of switches, but no routers or hubs)

The way the application works is that it selects the query text that
it needs to use and passes that through to a TQuery component (which
is either dynamically created or sitting in a shared datamodule).
Either way, the queries are almost never embedded in the components.

Obviously, this is the wrong way to go about it if I just want to
plop in the IBO components instead of the BDE ones. The result sets
are generally not interactive, so I will try using TIB_Cursor and the
others. In the end I may have to bite the bullet and change the
application's structure (shudder).

Thanks again, I really appreciate the suggestions,

ZooTech Systems.